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"Jol Shobuje Aka, Priyo Shohor Dhaka" campaign

21 July, 2019

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ACI Water Pump and Yamaha Rider Club jointly organized "Jol Shobuje Aka, Priyo Shohor Dhaka" campaign on 17th July,2019 at Uttara, Mirpur and Banasree area of Dhaka city to raise awareness among the city dwellers about deadly lethal diseases like dengue, chikungunya and other mosquito borne diseases.

Specially in rainy season, dengue & chikungunya diseases are spread in different areas including Dhaka city. Basically, mosquitos spread these diseases by breeding in the clogged water around us.

Youth Group, Yamaha Rider Club who believes in active social welfare activities, has come forward to raise awareness among mass people and is actively participating in cleaning campaign. Through the initiative of ACI Water Pump, these enthusiastic-dreamy young people are trying to defend the widespread mosquito breeding by draining the dirty clogged water in the streets and dreaming a clean-beautiful Dhaka city.

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