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CASE 770

(Backhoe Loader)

Special Features

01. Superior excavation performance
02. Standard feature of self-leveling to avoid material spillage and return to dig to reduce time taken for leveling while lowering
03. Pivoted front axle for loading on uneven ground
04. Superior operator comfort


01. Engine Power 76 HP
02. Operating Weight 7.5 T
03. Loader Bucket Size 1m3
04. Backhoe Bucket Size 0.08 m3-0.3 m3
05. Loader Breakout Force 6.8 T
06. Dipper Breakout Force 3.725 T
07. Backhoe Bucket Breakout Force 5.1 T
08. Engine KOEL 4R 1040TC BS III

Product Spec Sheet: CASE 770


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