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Rice and Wheat Reaper

(Original Japani Honda Engine)

Special Features

01. Able to Cut More Crops in Less Time
02. Crop Conservation is possible in Digester by reaping crop in short time duration.
03. No Loss Occur when Cutting Crops
04. Production Cost is Minimum for using Patrol


Other Features

01. Able to reap 120 cm or 6 row paddy at a time
02. Able to reap 1acre or 100 decimal Rice/ Wheat in 1hr 30 min and fuel required is 1.5 litter Patrol approx.
03. Its a light weight machine because of its patrol engine. So suitable for any kind of crop field.
04. Easy to operate. So, extra training is not needed.

Cost Compare (for 1 acre/100 decimal crop field)

  By ACI Reaper By Traditional Method
Labor required 1 person 8 person
Time required 1 hour 30 min 8 hrs
Cost Tk. 365 (Labor-150/- + Patrol- 150/- + Depriciation- 65/-) Tk. 3200 (Labor- 400X8)

Saves Cost: 80%
Saves Time: 95%
Saves Labor: 87%



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