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Tractor Theme

ACI Electric Motor

(For Domestic Use)

Single Jet Pump

(For Domestic Use)

Irrigation Submersible Pump

(For Irrigation Use)

Domestic Submersible Pump

(For Domestic Use)

Tractor Trailer

(Model: TR-100)

Power Pump

(Bear Shaft Centrifugal Pump)

Special Features

01. High Performance
02. Better Casting Quality
03. High Quality Alloy Impeller
04. Better Quality Bearing
05. Rubber Gaskets for Long-lasting
06. Available in Several Models
07. ACI Diesel Engine to Ensures Maximum Output

Hand Trolley

(Model: ACI HT-02)

Hand Power Tiller

(Diesel Engine Power Tiller)

Special Features

01. High Efficiency
02. Utilizable in Marshy Land
03. Body Made with High Class M.S. Sheet
04. Strong and Long Lasting Wheel
05. Japanese World Class NSK Bearing Used
06. Anti-corrosive Colors are Used in Wheel and Gear Box
07. ACI Diesel Engine Ensures the Best Performance

Power Thresher

(Diesel Engine Power Thresher)

Special Features

01. Applicable for both Rice and Wheat Threshing
02. High Efficiency
03. Low Maintenance and Servicing Cost
04. Ensure High Quality Grains
05. ACI Diesel Engine is Used for Optimum Performance



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