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Tractor Theme

S 195 NL (DF)

Model: S 195 NL (DF)

S 1100 GN

Model: S 1100 GN

S 1100 DF

Model: S 1100 DF

S 1100 NL GN

Model: S 1100 NL GN

S 1100 NL DF

Model: S 1100 NL (DF)

ZS 1115 GN

Model: ZS 1115 GN

ZS 1115 DF

Model: ZS 1115 DF

ZS 1125 DF

Model: ZS 1125 DF

ZS 1125 Self DF

Model: ZS 1125 Self DF

DSC-48 Combine Harvester

(Model: DSC-48)

Special Features

01. Applicable for both rice and wheat harvesting
02. Reaping, threshing, winnowing and packing done at a time in crop field
03. Applicable for both dry and wet land
04. Money, labor and time saver for farmers
05. Great support in the time of natural calamity
06. Harvesting capacity is more then 1 acre/hr


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