ACI Motors Ltd.
Hotline: 16509

Our Strengths

Our Team

ACI Motors has a dynamic and energetic team. Both in Head office and field, our members are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to their responsibilities.

Quality Product

We prioritize Product Quality first. We want to uphold our motto “Bringing Motion to Life” by providing customers with the best quality products. In Agriculture, our Vision is to provide a Complete Farm Mechanization Solution to the farmers.

After Sales Service

ACI Motors, believes in customer satisfaction and retention. Satisfied customers bring new customers. To satisfy our customers, ACI Motors Ltd. is intended to provide proper maintenance and after sales service through their dedicated and skilled engineers and technicians. For agricultural machineries, we have set the benchmark by providing After Sales Service within 6 hours anytime, anywhere in Bangladesh.


We uphold transparency and accountability in our every step and activity.


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